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post witnesses

“The straight and the winding way are one and now that you are here what do the years count since last we two met together?  Men’s memories are uncertain and the past that was differs little from the past that … Continue reading

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Honest Scrap!

What a delightful surprise!  Thank you K.T. McMillan of TailorTaste for awarding me with an Honest Scrap!  Visit her wonderful site at http://www.tailortaste.com/ The guidelines for an Honest Scrap award are as follows: 1. Say thanks and give a link … Continue reading

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new home

Here is what my new home is like: Welcome! My first breakfast: The first thing I unpacked: Appropriate.  [translation:  I believe, in essence, that I am a gypsy.] I found this book the other day at Skyline Books.  I’ve been … Continue reading