subway songs

103rd St.

I think there are songs that you don’t hear until you’re meant to.  The subway is a great place to really hear a song.  Maybe because your other senses are dimmed your hearing is amplified.  Some of the songs that I really heard for the first time in the subway include:

Nina Simone’s “For All We Know”, The Black Keys’ “All You Ever Wanted”, The Walkmen’s “In the New Year”, Gillian Welch’s “Look at Miss Ohio”

There are many others but I can’t think of them now.  Other fun things about the subway: watching rats, which come in all sizes, and looking at all the amazing weirdos.  The other day, in exchange for an AeroBed, Molly’s boyfriend Brett brought me an original poem from a subway poet for 59¢.  Here it is:

Here’s an exchange I heard between father and son, as the dad picked his son up from school one evening:

“Are we going to walk home, Dad?”

“All the way home?” the dad asked.

“Can’t we take a taxi?”

“We’ll take the subway.”

“Why not a taxi, Dad?”

“Because the subway is good for you.”



  1. Christian

    I also remember 2 songs:
    Ben Folds- Bastards
    The Hellacopters- Make it tonight

  2. Christian

    “Bastard”!! (without the “s”)

  3. Heladoringew


    president of my SOUL

  4. ben

    I’ve never been on a subway!

  5. first: ben, get real!
    second: you’re one of my favorites (ana).

  6. ben

    I got real.

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