the best of California

Acacia, the promise of spring.  I love the smell, which is usually really subtle but sometimes very strong, even though the tree is nowhere in sight.

acacia in a mason jar

Cows and happy cow commercials (even if PETA doesn’t agree).  I’ve always loved black, white and green together; maybe this is why.


Driving, especially in West Marin.  The big sky and all the fields and colorful flowers.

West Marin

Lagunitas market

(This place always has Have’a Corn Chips)

I love the Mission because of the food and because it’s always sunniest there.

500 club

I love the Sweden House, where my mom and I go for a piece of Norwegian princess cake and watch the seagulls and look at the names of the boats docked there.  The view of the City is cool, too, because the streets appear so straight.

princess kake

glass in sunlight

The bottom of my mom’s coffee cup had a buffalo on it:

bison coffee

When I got back to New York, I thought the warmth would come with me.  It didn’t.  But I saw something hopeful in Bleecker Park–some kid has already given up on winter.

lost mittens

Happy Spring!


  1. Christian

    A great collection, Ana!!

  2. lets plant flowers in pots and put them on fire escapes!

  3. Marc in Inverness

    Hi Anna,
    I have a radio program on KWMR, West Marin community radio, and would like to use your lovely photo of West Marin fences, fields and flowers for my Facebook page (West Marin Review and Beyond.) I would be happy to credit you! Thanks so much,

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