photojournal Friday

Friday was a fun day.  It started with almost-spring weather and when I was waiting for a train, I saw a sparrow in the subway.

subway sparrow

That’s definitely a good sign.  Then I saw some funny signs in Brooklyn:

No Piggies

Lou Supreme

At lunchtime I met Molly at this place I pass on my way to work, La Bonbonniere, which, despite its French name, is a crappy American diner.  But crappy in the best sense of the word.  This is their menu:

La Bonbonniere

They have funny pictures all over the walls, and also this ad, which is not so funny:


Notice all the numbers have been taken.  Watch your back!

Later that night, Laura, Cora, Molly and I made a special paper birthday cake for Cora’s friend Alex.

Paper Cake

When he blew out the candles, the cake became confetti.

Happy Daylight Savings everyone!


  1. ben

    Happy daylight savings! What a great cake idea.

  2. gary

    Which train was the sparrow waiting for?

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