One of my favorite collections is of people I love.  Unfortunately, sometimes friends go away.  Like Helen.  She lives in e.e. cummings’ house.

history house

Lived.  She’s moving tomorrow to Los Angeles.  We’re switching home states, as it turns out.  Yesterday as she was packing she gave away all these wonderful things.  Here are just a few:


On top, under the bottle, that’s a 5-year journal.  I hope I live long enough to complete it.  There were more presents, too.  A warm blanket, for one.  But guess what–I would give them back and more for her to stay.  Oh, also we collected $103 in cash money that was strewn about.

forgotten funds found

Helen wrote me a goodbye poem.  I once wrote a story about friends leaving.  Maybe I’ll post them both soon.


  1. “I hope I live long enough to complete it” Grim Ana, Grim.

    This is a lovely blog tho, it’s very pretty and special.

  2. Christian

    “I once wrote a story about friends leaving.”

    Ana, I’d love to read that!

    Und nebenbei:
    I enjoy this blog very much.
    All the best for you.

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