one big desert

We went out for a walk at night.  The bedouin tent village, with all the camels asleep in the paddock, faded behind us, the lights dimming past the dunes we crossed.  Looking back it was a glint on the horizon of the vast emptiness. A minute later there was nothing.  The ground was covered with large rocks and there was only starlight to see by.  I threw one of the rocks, the size of a giant grapefruit, and when it landed it cracked and made a spark.  The dunes looked otherwordly and the sky was bigger than I’d ever seen it.  We laid down in the cold rock and sand and it felt like we were on the surface of the moon, spinning.  I tried to learn to tell time by the stars but there was no time out there.



  1. John Shurrtz

    cool Anna!

  2. ben

    I’m thirsty…

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