Ich bin ein Berliner

The sacred

and the profane

an uncanny resemblance

On “the mysterious quality peculiar to…photographs”:

“One has the impression…of something stirring in them, as if one caught small sighs of despair…as if the pictures had a memory of their own and remembered us, remembered the roles we, the survivors, and those no longer among us had played in our former lives.”  W.G. Sebald, Austerlitz

the last building built under the DDR

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe seems constructed for the express purpose of a clever game of hide and seek.

Berlin seems to be a city at the confluence of time–everything is either brand new or eternal, in the process of being destroyed or re-created.  It is beautiful and sad and memorable.  Memory is everywhere–the city demonstrates to you that you are not alone, that there has always been someone here before, and that this too shall pass.

Berlin, 13 August – 18 August 2010


  1. That is a very apt and beautiful bit of writing at the end, m’dear.. mmm.

  2. Christian

    Sehr schön! Und nächstes Mal noch einmal Berlin und dann Hamburg!

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