Puerto Rico, pt. 1: the beach

I visited Molly when she was living in Rincón, Puerto Rico, on a street called Calle Surf, obviously close to the beach.

Her backyard was a beach called Steps.

At Marina Beach, a shrine:

It was at Marina Beach, one afternoon, while lounging around, that Molly and I noticed a bleach-blond boy named Angel trying to reel something in.

His mother, little brother and a friend were all watching and encouraging him and since there was nothing much else to do, we followed them along the shore as something unseen pulled the line back and forth.

Sadly Angel lost it, but the fish, which turned out to be a tarpon that Angel had caught on a boat out in the ocean and brought back to reel in ashore, was enormous, probably as heavy and as strong as Angel.

When he lost the fish he was pretty good-natured about it, especially for an 11-year old.  I asked if it was the biggest thing he’d ever hooked, which he blew off, “No way.”  The biggest: “Red snapper, 42-pounder.”

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