the 23rd state

a weekend in Maine with my mama

welcome to Maine



road to a secret beach

road to the beach

so many Emmas


and a beach pup

beach pup

glorious junk


patriotic buoys

a relic town

house o' comfort


Gatsby God

going somewhere?

steamer trunks

out to sea…


Maine sunset

see you soon!

off to Montreal with Molly…


  1. Hey! Always love you blog, this last one in Maine in particular. The random “junk” shots… the bottles, the American themed wood.. suure, great, I’ll take it! My flatmate really likes the one of the dog (she is looking over my shoulder as we sit in a print shop and I nervously wait to see how my prints turn out) Yay for photography! And say hi to you Mom for me. xo

  2. Casey

    I am Jealous of this Maine trip!

  3. Could I get a copy of that photograph titles “Pirates”?

    I would like to hang it in my home.

    I miss you!

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