freedom to roam

vagrant hotel

I love the old-time feel of trains: the conductors’ hats, the empty, wood-paneled stations.

This was my first impression of the Westport station:

just married

And of my room in the house where I’m staying

Tomales painting

I grew up with that pitcher, and that painting looks just like Tomales, CA

launch for hire

afternoon sun in my room

amish afternoon sun

there’s a wonderful piano in the house, and the woman who owns it even has one of my favorite books of music

summer steinway

season-appropriate Minutemen references at the beach

revolutionary beach play

I saw this sticker on a car with Massachusetts plates and a VT sticker.  I like that California represents adventure

freedom to roam

where do the tracks lead?

train tracks

Happy 4th!!!  Off to Coney Island, baby

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