I’ll even kiss a sunset pig

My mom is the best.  Here’s the bouquet she put in my bedroom, awaiting my return (all the flowers are from her garden):

mama's flowers

I just read that women have more nightmares than men, but that the scent of roses can prevent them.

Also waiting for me were these really cool shirts:

Solid Gold Rags!

Thanks SGR!

My mama and I took a beautiful hike my first morning.

mama hike

mt. tam

Gnarly tree

gnarly tree

CA sun

This guy was not camera shy.


cute mama

This stick pile looks like a nest for people

human nest

Redwoods make you feel little


There’s something special about the California sun

rest stop

Roadside BBQ


Fish out of water

shark car

The reason for my homecoming was my brother’s graduation from law school.  To celebrate we got drinks at Maxfield’s, one of the 7 best bars in the world, according to Esquire magazine.  Their Maxfield Parrish mural is reason enough to go.


Congrats Jonathan!!!


  1. I really like people nests.

  2. saucy9

    what did you have at the bar??!

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