new old books

I wandered into Mercer Street Books today, which I’ve often passed by but never been in.  Lots of treasures, including this soft book:


Here’s poem 19:

there is a here and

that here was a
town(and the town is

so aged the ocean
wanders the streets are so
ancient the houses enter the

people are so feeble the feeble go to
sleep if the people sit down)
and this light is so dark the mountains grow up from

the sky is so near the earth does not
open her
eyes(but the
feeble are people the feeble
are so wise the people

remember being born)
when and
if nothing disappears they
will disappear always who are filled

with never are more than
more is are mostly
almost are feebler than feeble are

fable who are less than these are least is who
are am(beyond when behind where under



  1. saucy9

    oh, all the e’s! how delightful!

  2. that poem is lovely

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