I promise to go wandering

After eight hours on a Greyhound and enough giggling to draw attention from the grumpy passengers, Molly and I were in Montreal!

We arrived a little after 4 in the morning and walked to Lee and Adele’s apartment, passing this café in Square St-Louis

sq st-louis

Molly is pretty and tired

sleepy Molly

The statue in front of Mount Royal, which we scaled, in sandals

mount royal

That night we stumbled upon a street fair

one van band

roof guitar

chicken singertoyman

This kid was in training to run away with the circus

clown in training


alley flowersalley wanderersgarden shark

Our lovely hostess

Queen Adele

We visited Jean-Talon Market, the best farmers’ market I’ve ever seen

j'aime ta fraise

Creative gardening in Parc Jarry

garden snakemama duck, baby duck

My audience for Lee’s haircut, I think it turned out alright


Thanks so much Adele and Lee!


  1. You didn’t snap any pictures of the metal cross did you? I was hoping you would when I heard you were going to Montreal.

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